Rod McRae - painter


Recent work

These images illustrate themes and types of media that I have been exploring.
The first group of work is ink drawings on paper. These little drawings in my notebook have been steadily evolving, and they underpin a lot of what I do on a larger scale. Most recently there is a suggestion of surreal landscape.

On a larger scale are paintings on masonite. This one started with acrylics but finished with oils.

Again there is a landscape feel to it.

Another theme is a tendency towards figuration, represented here by this ink drawing.

At the same time, I am doing rougher work, using collage, newsprint, glue and acrylics. Less landscape, more abstract space.

Also continuing 3D development. I've only just started working on this chair, but I rather like it in its half-hearted state of semi-undress.

This is a drawing on masonite which harks back to earlier, more complex spaces. But the simplification will never happen in this case.
Chaos and simplicity are two sides of the same coin.

Sometimes an image just emerges without much precedent. This one is strange, but I like it. There is maybe a hint of landscape again, but with a surreal feel to it.

Taking that a little bit further, the landscape, the figuration and the simplification lead to ...